One of those days

January 6, 2009

I suppose my lack sleep has caused me to be cranky today so allow me to rant.

I received a letter from the university regarding registration for the new semester today. Normally, it’s no big deal but here’s the “catch”. In the letter it stated that registration is from 15 – 31 December 2008. Yes you read right. I only received the f*cking letter today. The date stamp on the envelope said 26/12/08, which means the idiots sent the letter a day after Christmas, with 5 days left for registration.

The postal service…holy crap. It took 10 days….TEN DAYS for me to receive the letter, a letter from a place that is 15 minutes drive from my house. Am I the only one that sees how ridiculous that sounds? Anyway, postal service aside.

This is what baffles me. If I am required to come register between 15 – 31 December then shouldn’t I be notified of this BEFORE it starts, like maybe in the first week of December, if not earlier? What the f*ck are they thinking, or rather NOT thinking?

Oh wait there’s more. It gets better. Apparently there is now a new ruling that those who register late will be penalized RM50. So tomorrow I get to go over there and possibly have a “interesting” argument with somebody over this. I refuse to pay the so-called fine for the incompetence and stupidity of these f*cking idiots.

Wish me luck.

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