Earth Hour 2009

March 28, 2009

*Update @ 9.02 pm* I took a look outside and I’m pleasantly surprised at the number of houses in my area that are actually participating in Earth Hour. Kuching people not that indifferent after all.

So it’s Earth Hour at the moment and I’m sitting here in partial darkness. The reason why I say I’m in partial darkness is because I have candles burning. In fact, every light in our house is turned off but one. Need some form of light lah. But being online kinda defeats the purpose as I’m using electricity for my laptop and modem. Oh well, I did my part I guess. Better than nothing.

I have had this big craving for any form of cake this week. The craving became massive as soon as Rob showed me pictures of cheesecakes he took at a store. From then on, all I wanted for breakfast, lunch and dinner was cake…any kind of cake. I tried to resist but finally I caved in last night. I went to Secret Recipe @ tHe Spring and bought 2 pieces of cake. I am wholeheartedly satisfied now.

I’m back to being busy again because my supervisor has returned some chapters for MORE edits. ~le sigh~ I wonder how many more drafts to go. But I am glad that there aren’t any major edits so I should be ok for now. I started out thinking I wouldn’t reach the required word count of 60,000 words but after I compiled all the chapters in one single Word document, I was surprised to find out that I was at more than 62,000 words. I felt some sense of pride that one split second. Okay, maybe it was about 10 seconds.

In terms of formating and all, I pretty much have it nailed down. Word count, checked. Appendix, checked. Bibliography, checked. Acknowledgements, checked. Abstract, checked. All I need to do now is make this thesis as perfect as possible for my perfectionist supervisor. To be completely honest I am now at this point where I don’t really care if my thesis is perfect or not, as long as I graduate. It’s been a really lonnnnnnnnnng journey, as much as I hate to admit it.

Well I’m going to sign off now. Patiently awaiting 9.30 pm.

2 responses to “Earth Hour 2009”

  1. JustinKC says:

    oh hi. I never tot someone from Kuching would participate in this as well. i tot im the only who shut off the light at night bcos all my neighbour didnt turn their lights off haha. I feel so weird just moment ago….anyway nice to know you Shin =)

  2. Shin says:

    Well I’m sure many people in Kuching have participated in Earth Hour. I was just surprised at the amount of people participating in my housing area. 😉

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