Oh happy happy day!

May 28, 2009

I am now blogging on WordPress. Somehow it’s very exciting. Yes, I know. I’m sounding more like a geek day by day.

Am UBER happy today. Got some great news, of which I will share soon enough. In the mean time I’m just really ecstatic to be on WordPress FINALLY. It only took me like 4 years. Sheesh, I sure do procrastinate good.

I can’t wait to use the password protected post feature. That means I can write more personal stuff and control who reads it and who doesn’t. Not that I am saying I have some bitching to do at the moment (hmm or do I? Shall ponder on that for a bit). Or maybe I’ll do a “roast” in the near future. In due time my little minions…in due time.

I still have a few things to sort through. Have to categorize all my previous posts which will take AGES but needs to be done. Then I’m thinking of moving all my pictures over, instead of hosting on Photobucket which has been slow lately. That will also take EONS. Slow and steady steps Shin…slow and steady…

I haven’t given much thought on what to write in the “About” page so it’s just a meaningless sentence for the moment. I will let you guys know once I get to writing it. I also intend to add a couple more pages about other things, so do come back and check often.

The header picture was taken during my winter trip to the States. It’s a cropped version of one of my most favourite pictures taken there. Thinking of changing it but I still haven’t found a picture that I like as much. I’m also wondering if I can find a widget out there that will load different pictures with each page refresh/load. Have to research on that more and discuss with Rob. Anyone reading this have any idea? Please share!

Oh and none of this would’ve been possible if Rob didn’t set me up so THANKS HONEY! I love you lots. You THE man baby!

Okay, I’m going to sign off now.

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