June 1, 2009

Have I mentioned lately how much I enjoy blogging on WordPress? 😀 I keep getting the urge to write something even though I have nothing in particular to talk about.

Since Rob has hooked me up with Yahoo smileys on here my posts can be more animated and colorful. :-bd

Currently listening to mushy love songs. The one playing right now is “I wanna grow old with you” by Westlife. It’s making me miss Rob more than ever. It’s as if the song was written for him and I. :dream: Yes I do listen to boybands and am not ashamed to admit it. :rockon: I practically grew up with boybands.

I’m still pondering on what to write in the About page. Do I go overboard and mention every detail of my life? Or do I go minimalist and let the readers figure out who I really am? Any suggestions people? B-) Yes I am really proud with what I have. I’m geeking it out good. :-B

I’m also looking for a chatbox widget but haven’t found any that I like yet. I prefer to have one that auto refreshes and let me reserve names because the last thing I need is some low-life loser posing as me and starts flaming me in my own blog. Had enough of that, thanks. Anybody know a good one? Please share.

I’ve gotten a few requests to access my protected post but I have to say I am not ready to let the world see it yet. In due time I will unlock it and everyone will have a chance to read it. In the mean time allow me the privacy to write something private and have the satisfaction of publishing it. To those who try to guess the password in hopes to pry on what I wrote, let me just say there’s no point. It’s a really complicated password. But hey, I can’t stop you but I will know. :smug: Don’t feel left out though because only Rob and I know the password. 🙂

I think that’s enough blabbering for one day. Signing off now. :peace:

2 responses to “Blabber”

  1. mom42cutekids says:

    LMAO then ROTFL, this is the funniest blog, why lah, if someone you don’t know add you as friend, just ignore lah, why bother to write and ask if you know him, I have to read what he wrote 5 times to understand what he is trying to say.

    • shin says:

      Yalah, that chow ah beng…think he is so smart….hmmphhh its not like i was looking for someone to be rude to me. i just ask in case i forgotten lah.

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