Facebook woes

June 9, 2009

The other day this (must be) ah beng  guy added me on Facebook (FB) and his profile picture was a really freaking ugly cartoon thing. So I messaged him and go “I’m sorry, do I know you?”. That’s what I always say to strangers who add me on FB or Friendster. Out of common courtesy I always check with them in case I forget I know them.

Anyway this bozo replied me in his all-glorious-English and said “ohh..how i know u know me or not leh…if dint know also can get know n friend.is any one just born out got friend n know anything ??”

Somehow that ticked me off and so I replied “no thanks. this is a personal account for people i know..if you are looking to make friends I suggest you be more polite. good luck in your quest.” And no reply until today. :smug:

I mean with a name like Le Ken Kent (sorry if he is your friend but he really needs to polish his socialising skills) pretending to be like what…French (?) (sorry again if I am too ignorant to identify that as a real Chinese name) does he introduces himself as “Bonjour ma cherie, my name iz Le Ken Kentttttt”?   8-| PUH LEEEEEEAASEEEEEEE.  

I’m sure everyone has encountered people like this. Yes I know I can choose to just ignore them but you know there are those moments in life where you just want to fight back. I don’t get it though, I always make sure to keep my profile as private as possible, all my pictures can only viewed by my friends and yet somehow I get these strangers adding me on FB. It bugs the crap outta me at times especially when they are rude.

It’s not like I go around adding random people because “I want to make new friends” on FB. I have nothing against people on FB wanting to make friends but I just don’t trust the sincerity of strangers online. They can say and be whatever they want. You can never be too safe right?

True, Rob and I met online but nobody knows that I didn’t use my real name with him until…a year or two later was it honey? Initially we were just kinda “hi, bye” people on mIRC then started messaging in private, became friends and about 2 years after that began our so-called flirting. And the rest, as people say, is history.

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