June 11, 2009

There was a blackout for more than an hour earlier. It’s such a warm and humid night that just laying on my bed waiting for power to come back on made me sweat. I was happily watching Desperate Housewives in my A/C room and then POOF I was sitting in the dark. First I lit scented candles in my room thinking that for the first time in a long while, they may actually get used. Fifteen minutes into it I began to feel the heat and then I blew them all off.

I called SESCO, which apparently has 24 hour service now, which I never knew  until tonight, and was told that they have already received complaints and that they had already sent someone to check out the problem.

The funny thing was the houses across the street were all lit but the houses in my row and those behind were out of power. The neighbours were probably thinking we all coincidentally didn’t pay our electricity bill or something. :P  Okay that was kinda lame, thought I could make some witty comment on the blackout issue but obviously I failed. OH WELL.  

The blackout lasted about an hour and half. It was probably one of the longest hour EVER. I’m really glad we got power back. Sheesh I don’t think I would be able to sleep tonight without my fan running. I normally don’t like to have my A/C on the whole night while I sleep cause I find that wasteful. The way I see it I’ll be sleeping so I wouldn’t know the A/C was on or not. As long as I am comfortable with the fan running, its okay by me. Lol doesn’t make much sense does it? That’s just my sense of logic I guess. *shrug*

Anyway it’s getting late. (1.52 am) I am off to bed now, with my fan on high!  😀

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