Hooked on Barn Buddy

July 7, 2009

I finally jumped in the band wagon of Barn Buddy, an application on FB. I have to say that I am totally hooked on it.

I am so hooked on it that I stay up later at night just so I can either steal other people’s crops or harvest mine so that other people can’t steal it. Yes I am sneaky like that. LOL

I also got Rob hooked on it. I keep bug-ing and weed-ing him and he does the same to me. =))


The other day we were talking about how to get more Barn Buddy credits to buy fertilizers and I found that you can actually purchase 4,000 credits for USD1 by PayPal or credit card.

Rob decided to buy us both 4,000 credits each. Lol


It was probably his weirdest USD1 spent on anything. I laughed my ass off at what he did but at the same time I realized just how addicted he is on Barn Buddy now, not to mention how proud he gets when he manages to steal plants from other people just before they harvest.  ;))


Within seconds after paying, I got my gift!



I starterd out the day with 2,400 credits and then I had 6,400 credits. 😀

Yesterday he surprised me with another 4,000 credits as I was complaining about how I have already spent half my credits and that I couldn’t justify buying the different fertilizers I wanted to make my plants grow faster. Thanks baby, for feeding my addiction! 😡

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  1. Lee says:

    I play this game but I no longer playing it now. You can share your posts at: ArticlePinger.com too. 🙂

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