September 7, 2009

I have been wanting to get Famous Amos cookies for a while now and the flavour I absolutely love is the macademia cookies, without the chocolate chips.  The thing is Kuching’s Famous Amos’ don’t sell that specific flavour, even at the airport. I’ve asked many times. I used to buy the cookies in KLIA but now that much of my travelling days are over, I don’t get any chances to buy any.

I find the chocolate chip macademia cookies very sweet and the Famous Amos’ in Kuching have those. So anyway, I was at Boulevard with the parents the other night and the mall had a Famous Amos store. (They also have a stall at the lower ground). I was curious enough to wander in there to check if they have the macademia cookies. As I peeked through the transparent containers where the cookies were, a guy who I assumed to be the manager literally raced over and asked if he could help me with anything.

I then asked whether they have just the macademia cookies and he said “Yes”. I was confused because the label I saw said “Chocolate chip macademia cookies” and so I repeated myself, saying I just wanted the macademia cookies, with NO chocolate chips. He then told me that they DO have it but they mix it up in the pile of chocolate chip macademia cookies but they do not sell JUST macademia cookies.

Before I could say anything he instructed a girl over the counter to make a fresh batch of the macademia cookies. I was stunned and thought maybe I heard wrong. At this point the girl was already looking for what I assumed to be the macademia cookie dough.

I felt kinda awkward (for the lack of other terms) and asked if it will take long to bake the cookies. She informed me “About 15-20 minutes so I have time to let the cookies cool down”. I was like :-O

She was REALLY going to make a new batch just for me. Feeling self-conscious, I lied and told her she didn’t have to do that for me because I was leaving anyway. Perhaps next time.

She responded by saying there was another way I could get the cookies faster. She offered to PICK OUT just the macademia cookies from the pile of chocolate chip macademia cookies. Again, I was STUNNED. :-O

I told her it was okay because I found that to be way too troublesome. I mean I was only going to buy like 100g so it wouldn’t even be cost effective for the store. ;))

She assured me it was no problem at all because (and I quote) she didn’t “have much to do now so it’s ok” so cheerfully and started picking out cookies! As she was choosing the cookies I jokingly said to her “If I had ordered 500g of the cookies you wouldn’t be doing this would you?” She laughed, saying she would if it wasn’t that busy and continued picking, all the while smilling!

Few minutes later, voila! I got my bag of macademia cookies. How cool was that?! Okay, maybe it’s not THAT cool but I still think it is so there. 😛

I am seriously impressed with the Famous Amos at Boulevard and the people they hire. They are friendly, helpful and very polite. It’s very rare in Kuching. Remember my many rants about bad service and rude staff in this blog? I am very impressed indeed.

I don’t think I will go back there and ask the staff to pick out a certain flavour of cookies for me from a huge-ass pile but I certainly will buy cookies from them whenever I get my Famous Amos cravings, rather than driving to the airport where the staff are RUDE.

So, to all of you Famous Amos cookie lovers in Kuching, go patronize the store at Boulevard.

P/S  No, I was not paid to write this. They didn’t even know I was going to. I’m just sharing my experience.

2 responses to “Impressed”

  1. Aww, they went to that extend to serve the customer? Huhu, you’re one lucky person!

    Gosh, you just made me drool. Need to buy those cookies later! Argh!

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