October 25, 2009

This is the second time I’m sittng in front of the computer not knowing what to write.  I’ve been tempted to just shut everything down and go to bed but I feel somewhat a little guilty neglecting my blog.

Nothing interesting going on with my life. I’m sure most know by now that I’ve started working. The hours are longer than usual jobs. My life cycle goes something like this

Wake up -> talk to Rob -> go to work -> come home from work -> eat -> back to work sometimes -> sleep -> repeat process.

So please tell me what am I suppose to write about? Heh

Plus I signed a contract with work and one of the clauses said “I shall faithfully and honestly preserve strick silence in reference to any transactions or affairs of the company that may come under my observaton or knowledge” so I can’t exactly talk about work related things here. 😛

I must be getting old or something (as much as I hate to admit it) because I’m feeling rather tired at 10pm so off to bed I go!

Au revoir!

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