Cheese anyone?

April 18, 2010

(Disclaimer: I think I am in one of those babbling sarcastic narcisistic self-contradictory mood. You have been warned.)

I cannot help myself.

This is probably one of the cheesiest songs ever but it’s OH SO ADORABLE and damn catchy.

I finally did a search for the music video on YouTube and after having watched it,  I still like the song (even though the music video is even cheesier than the song).

But…there’s a but.

The singer, Jason Castro (although pretty goodlooking and was a contestant in American Idol which I also just found out) has long dreadlocks. Now that’s all fine and dandy BUT (again), it is LONG. Like really long, like longer than my hair kinda long which is pretty long if you’ve seen me in person.

(Yes I know I’m doing that whole babbling thing.)

(I digress!)


So not only does he have long LONG hair, I bet if after some treatment and straightening thingy majig, he will look like a girl. I am serious.

I don’t think I’m that vain of a person but seriously, I don’t think I can handle dating a guy who could probably look ‘prettier’ than I am (as a girl). Seriously.

Okay I know I’m being vain. But I can’t help myself.

Turn tables around. Can a (straight) guy handle dating a girl that looks…oh well more macho than him? Say with a muscular body and deep voice and a visible Adam’s apple?

See, I thought so. 

I shall let you judge for yourself.

I still like the song though. Gonna make Rob dance with me to that song when he eventually comes to visit. Heh. 😀

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