Turd for thought

August 27, 2010

So I’m sure everyone heard about Indonesian group Bendera’s demonstration at the Malaysian Embassy in Jakarta a couple days ago.

Now aside from it being such a primitive uncivilized form of demonstration on the group’s part, am I the only one who finds the humor that these people actually went to THAT extent to show insult to Malaysia?

When I first heard of the story yesterday morning, the first thing that I asked myself was “Did they all decide to poop in bags and bring it with them for the demonstration? Or did someone had an urge to do number 2 during the demonstration, hence it was just by chance they HAPPEN to have shit in hand (literally)?”

And then another thought crossed my mind. When I saw the news it wasn’t just one person flinging crap and smearing it, it was a FEW people. So the thing that crossed my mind was “Was it their own shit? Or was it somebody else’s?”

Because what a coincidence it would be that 3 Bendera people (that were also arrested) had the urge to take a dump during the demonstration.

Seriously, I wouldn’t even look at my poop after I’m done on the toilet, what more to say holding it in my BARE hands and smearing it across any surface.

And while I’m on this point, why the fark would I want to grab a wad of someone else’s shit???

This group calls themselves Benteng Demokrasi Rakyat, yet they use such primitive ways to show discontent. Democracy? Huh? More like Demo-shitty, as in a shitty demonstration (literally).

Okay, perhaps these people were very passionate about what they were fighting for and in the heat of the (fart) moment , they decided to chuck some chocolate cake around.

I guess that makes sense….NOT.

So here’s a turd..ummm food for thought.

The next time you’re not happy about something, fling some butt nuggets around.

Thank you for your attention.

-The End-

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