The million dollar question

September 20, 2010

Something short from me before my raging womanly curse flares up with a vengance again.

This is too funny not to share.

Today in class I touched on commodities and gave some examples such as “petroleum, natural gas, rice, sugar” etc.

As I summed up what I talked about in class, I asked the class if they had any questions.

One boy, with this really serious yet innocent look on his face raised his hand and asked “Miss, is natural gas….like….farts?”

The whole class erupted in laughter and I stood there in disbelief. I mean, he didn’t at all look like he was being sarcastic or a smartass. He truly seemed like he didn’t know what natural gas was. And if indeed he was being a complete smartass, he deserved an Emmy award!

At that precise moment, I was not sure whether to laugh or cry! Here was a boy in his early 20s and had no clue what natural gas is? 

Part of me wanted to be a complete smartass and say something like “Oh yes, you should fart in jars and sell em. You would make a killing!” but judging by the look on his face, I simply exclaimed “No that’s not natural gas!” to which the entire class erupted in laughter once again.

“Then what is natural gas?” he asked.

“The contents in those Petronas or Shell gas cylinders are a form natural gas,” I explained.

As soon as I finished that sentence and in my efforts to refrain from turning his question into a 15-minute comedy skit, I finished off class by saying “Okay, that’s it for today. I will see you on Wednesday.”

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