Pinking (TM) myself

September 21, 2009

Very long post but I hope it’s as entertaining to read as I enjoyed writing it.

Yesterday I made agar agar (gelatinous type dessert). While I was scooping the boiling hot substance into their individual cups/moulds, I poured too hard down one of the cups/moulds and it splattered on my stomach, right below the bellybutton which was totally exposed. The top I was wearing was hanging ABOVE the bellybutton and my shorts sat an inch or so below the bellybutton. I swear it’s almost like I had set it up for myself.

Yes, it hurt like hell and certainly did not tickle. As I looked down and flapped my hands close to my stomach, thinking the breeze would help (don’t ask me why, it was warm in the kitchen anyway) cool off the area, I noticed a layer of transparent agar agar on my skin. So what did I do? I used my thumb and rubbed it off.

Only I was wrong, very fucking wrong. (Excuse the French)


It wasn’t a layer of splattered agar-agar, IT WAS MY EFFING BLISTERING SKIN THAT I RUBBED OFF!

%@^@%$!!#!hADHA^!FFFFFFFFFFFF!!!$@#6666!#$#%!% :((

(Now before you say or think the obvious, allow me to say a few things first, perhaps it could be what you’re thinking.

  1. What the hell was I thinking?!?!?!?
  2. I mean, okay, the liquid splattered on my bare skin but which part of my effing brain ANALysed that once the BOILING agar agar hit my skin, it would straight away harden into a layer of agar agar?!?!?!
  3. Why didn’t I run COLD WATER on my skin?!?!?!?!
  4. I am not exactly stupid (but I do have my moments and this sure as hell was one of them) but WTF was I thinking??????

Okay, I’m done saying what I needed to so back to the story.)

I was in pain, still flapping my hands. It was only then that logic kicked in and I’m suppose to cool down the area with cold water. And so I did. Once again, I realised how stupid challenged I am. Instead of using a wet wash cloth, I used my hands.

Yes dear readers, I cupped my hand, gathered water and then splashed cold water on my burning skin. Oh it gets better. I didn’t just do it once, I did it multiple times, say 3-4 times, before I realised how stupid that idea was.

Suddenly, within a blink of an eye (I am serious), my eyes diverted to a bottle of red colouring on the shelf.

“Oooo! I can make my agar agar pink!”.

Bear in mind, I was still pain from the burn and I was wet from my GREAT idea of cooling the wound down.

So what did I do? I poured the slimy goo of agar agar back into the pot and dropped some red colouring into it and voila, it became pink! Somehow the few minutes (or seconds) I was pinking (TM) the agar agar I forgot about the pain and burning feeling of my open wound.

The things I do for pink stuff.  😐

Only after 10 or so minutes I was burned did I go put aloe gel on it, which I applied very generously consistently over the next few hours, which I later FELT was a big mistake.  #-o

By dinner time, I changed to go out for dinner but still remembered to put aloe gel on my burn. See, I know how to take care of myself! 😀


Half way eating dinner, something didn’t feel right. 

The aloe gel dried out and my denim skirt (big mistake to wear that, oh Shin when will you learn??) was glued to my burn.  

By the time I got home I had no choice but the slowly and painfully seperate my blistering skin from my denim skirt.

The result is this…

It’s a form of pink, right? :dream:

Before you judge me, I normally would remove any unsightly body hair before posting pictures of my skin up but can you blame me for NOT wanting to pluck out hair (which is another major OUCH!) around BURNT area!

The culprit of sorts

See the pink agar agar matches my pink nail polish!

Anyway, other pink things from the last 24 hours.

With Pinkie on the pink bed

I bought a piece of anti-slip mat for my car. The ones I have in my car now are black and old so I figured I could spruce up my car a bit. Again, it really matches my nail polish. =))


My best buy is definitely this pink pair of shoes.

Now I can say I have a pair of Crocs! 😀

The colour is called “Cotton Candy”. So cute right?

Bought it at a very good deal and didn’t burn (pun intended) a hole in my pocket.

P/S  I know this is a bimbotic post but I’m usually not that bimbotic.  :-B

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