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Earth Hour 2009

March 28, 2009

*Update @ 9.02 pm* I took a look outside and I’m pleasantly surprised at the number of houses in my area that are actually participating in Earth Hour. Kuching people not that indifferent after all.

So it’s Earth Hour at the moment and I’m sitting here in partial darkness. The reason why I say I’m in partial darkness is because I have candles burning. In fact, every light in our house is turned off but one. Need some form of light lah. But being online kinda defeats the purpose as I’m using electricity for my laptop and modem. Oh well, I did my part I guess. Better than nothing.

I have had this big craving for any form of cake this week. The craving became massive as soon as Rob showed me pictures of cheesecakes he took at a store. From then on, all I wanted for breakfast, lunch and dinner was cake…any kind of cake. I tried to resist but finally I caved in last night. I went to Secret Recipe @ tHe Spring and bought 2 pieces of cake. I am wholeheartedly satisfied now.

I’m back to being busy again because my supervisor has returned some chapters for MORE edits. ~le sigh~ I wonder how many more drafts to go. But I am glad that there aren’t any major edits so I should be ok for now. I started out thinking I wouldn’t reach the required word count of 60,000 words but after I compiled all the chapters in one single Word document, I was surprised to find out that I was at more than 62,000 words. I felt some sense of pride that one split second. Okay, maybe it was about 10 seconds.

In terms of formating and all, I pretty much have it nailed down. Word count, checked. Appendix, checked. Bibliography, checked. Acknowledgements, checked. Abstract, checked. All I need to do now is make this thesis as perfect as possible for my perfectionist supervisor. To be completely honest I am now at this point where I don’t really care if my thesis is perfect or not, as long as I graduate. It’s been a really lonnnnnnnnnng journey, as much as I hate to admit it.

Well I’m going to sign off now. Patiently awaiting 9.30 pm.


March 23, 2009

My apologies.

I think my previous post about the sound waves had a glitch on linking to the waves. I already fixed it so it works now.

So please do try again.

Or if you don’t want to read the post again, you can just click on the links below.

12k.wav is at
13k.wav is at
14k.wav is at
15k.wav is at
16k.wav is at
17k.wav is at
18k.wav is at

Can you hear it?

March 23, 2009

Today Rob told me about a tone that is so high in frequency that only “kids” can hear it. Apparently this tone became popular with teenagers as a ringtone because it’s inaudible to adults and so they are able to send/receive text messages on their phone in class.

As soon as he told me I got really curious whether I could hear it or not. Anyway, if you look at the chart below you’ll see the age range of those that allegedly are able to hear certain frequency of sounds.


So wanna know what frequency you can hear? Here’s a list of waves Rob made with some thingy ma-jig program. (Oh I sound so eloquently intelligent). Basically, the higher the frequency the less likely one can hear it.


I can almost hear the 17khz wave if I listen carefully. The 18khz I totally can’t make out anything of it. I can easily hear the 16khz frequency and the 15khz wave made me twitch and gritted my teeth. When I heard the 14khz wave I literally threw the headset off. Anyway I’m super duper proud of myself that I can hear the 16khz wave which allegedly is audible to those in the age range of 18 – 24. Muahahahahaha I’m still young after all!

(Crap I think I just gave away my age ).

So tell me, are you young or old (based on the audibility of those waves)?

I hope you guys try it. I thought it was a lot of fun (albeit a *little* lame for some).

P/S: It doesn’t mean you can crank your volume to the max. Stick to the normal volume you use.

Have you ever…?

March 17, 2009

Have you ever reach a point of desperation that you see no way out?

Have you ever felt so helpless that it feels like nothing you do will make it better?

Have you ever been in a situation that feels like everything and/or everyone is against you?

Have you ever felt anger that is so intense that you can’t stop crying?

Have you ever been so disappointed that you wish you could disappear?

Have you ever been so frustrated that you grip your hand into a fist so tight your fingernails dig into your skin, leaving marks?

Have you ever felt so betrayed that you question your self worth?

Have you ever been so sick and tired of everything and/or everyone around you that you wish you could pack your bags and leave?

Have you ever felt that regardless what you do nothing ever changes?

Valentine’s Day 2009: The Bottomless Pit

March 15, 2009

This year for Valentine’s Day Rob did something totally different compared to the usual bouquet of roses. This year I received what I lovingly call “The Bottomless Pit”.

The package arrived late, a couple days after V-day even though Rob had paid for it to arrive on time. Typical Malaysian postal service. Pftttt

One thing I was glad for was that I didn’t get hosed by Customs Department when I picked up the package. They gave me the package and I swiftly walked away from the counter.


Anyway I had an idea of what was going to be in the package but I was never prepared for what I saw. The reason I call it a bottomless pit is because as I unpacked the package, there were layers and layers of stuff in there. It was like it didn’t end. I swear it took me almost 15 minutes to unpack the whole thing. The package consisted of a variety of stuff like…

Scrunchies, candy…

Almond M&Ms, strawberry shower gel and body lotion

More candy, stationary, breadsticks, stickers

ANOTHER layer of candy (!)

More candy..

Candy and nail stickers..


And the last layer is one of the things I missed most from Chicago; breadsticks from a restaurant called Artemis. They are THE BOMB!

I remember from my first trip over that the breadsticks were really good. So this last time I visited Rob I knew I wanted to go back to Artemis and be a glutton. Since the breadsticks were free (they come in a little basket on each table) I was determined to eat as much as I can. We went with Rob’s parents too and as dinner was coming to an end, I took a couple packs of breadsticks and put them in my purse.

Then Rob’s mom surprised me. She grabbed a whole handful of breadsticks and started shoving them in my purse. She didn’t just do it once or twice, she grabbed EVERYTHING in the basket. Thinking about it now makes me laugh because I really didn’t think she was the type to do that. The type I mean is the cheapo like me that feels that free stuff is ALWAYS a good thing. What can I say? I embrace my inner Cina. 😛


And this is how everything looks like on my bed…


As you can already tell I’m easily pleased with simple things like candy, breadsticks and stationary. Hehe

Hope you guys had a wonderful V-day. =D

No title

March 13, 2009

Apologies for my month long absence. I have been enjoying my somewhat hiatus catching up on books, magazines, movies and TV shows. Not to mention a couple friends whom I have not hung out with in a while. It’s nice to hang out with old friends and reminisce about the good ol’ days to keep you grounded while reminding you of the person you really are.

At the same time I am still apprehensive of what’s to come. I am still waiting for my supervisor to get back to me but he is adamant in making sure I graduate. I can only cross my fingers and hope for the best.

Au revoir~

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