Car got stolen

July 29, 2009

I went to dinner with my parents earlier by RH Plaza and dad parked near Green Gallery at the side that faced the main road. 

Food was taking a long time and I mentioned it a few times. I even suggested that we cancel the last order but instead my dad went and double checked whether our order was being prepared. We were told that they were cooking the food and will be sent over soon. Somehow something was keeping us there longer, longer than we should be.

Just before 8 pm we were finally done and walked towards the car. At first I was looking around for the car because I somehow had forgotten where it was parked. The car was no where in sight. Then all of us realised that the car was gone. We stood around for a few minutes speechless and in shock.

As we waited for a ride home, I kept waiting for someone to jump out and say “GOTCHA!” and someone would drive the car back to us, like for some silly joke from a TV show. We parked by the main road with all the hustle and bustle going around between 7 – 8pm for heaven’s sake. How the f*ck did they pull it off?!?!?!

After we got home, we took my car to lodge a report at the police station. I never knew this but the inspector told us that the RH Plaza area has been popular for such activity. Apparently we were also told that there have been a lot of reports lodged for stolen Proton Waja. When asked why, the inspector refrained for commenting. So now I’m totally curious why. Do they target Wajas because it’s easier to break into? Or do they want it for the parts? The thing is the Anybody know?  Please enlightened me.

Nothing too valueble in the car other than house keys and some bills. Of course if they wanted to they can come barging in with the house keys and rob us since the address is on the bills. Rest assured tomorrow we’ll change all the locks in the house.  I know that I won’t sleep much tonight. 

What happened to peaceful Kuching? Snatch thieves are on the rise (and I almost became a victim 3 years ago), house break-ins are so common nowadays even in broad daylight, then my dog Shadow got poisoned back in 2005  from an attempted break-in that failed so they wanted revenge. Somehow I don’t feel like Kuching is safe anymore. Then again, is anywhere safe anymore?

To the thief/thieves who I’m sure won’t ever read this (but please allow me to vent my anger), I hope you get some form of STD until your privates rot. I hope where ever you’re heading with my dad’s car, you’ll get a flat tyre and when you step out to fix it up, you get run over by a truck after stepping on your privates that fell off.

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