Barn Buddy – The End?

September 13, 2009

I still play Barn Buddy on a daily basis but considering taking the game out completely from my Facebook. A few reasons why.

  1. I already bought up ALL the plots in my farm.
  2. I’m now up to level 38 and to get to level 39 I need to acquire 7700 experience points. 😐
  3. And by the time I get to the next level, the only reward I get is “2 strong fertilizer”. Seems kinda pointless now.
  4. I have planted absolutely every single plants about 10 or so times now.
  5. I have bought the chicken…TWICE. It’s still funny watching the chicken jump up and out comes the egg. The chicken then looks between its leg with the look of “That came outta me?!”.
  6. All the weeding and bugging and cleaning up is starting to lose its appeal.
  7. There are some people who make the game less fun than it used to be because of their, shall I say, over competitiveness and seriousness towards the game? I mean after all, it’s only a GAME. :whistle:

Anyway I haven’t completely decided yet. I have nothing much to blog about other than bimbotic things like my favourite new nail polish called Persian Indigo or my collection of shiny hair clips or shoes etc so I will spare you the pain.

Oh yeah, the favicon for my blog is FINALLY up on Internet Explorer. It only took oh, a FEW WEEKS!  8-|

It showed up on the same day when it was uploaded on Firefox. I’m starting to think that IE sucks. Wondering if I should just move over to Firefox.

For some reason, my eyelid hurts when I blink and it itches too. It’s been going on for a couple days now. I hope it’s nothing. The last thing I need is to get sick or something. So I guess that’s my cue to get some early sleep.

Have a great week ahead everyone!


July 9, 2009

Many random things today, all jumbled inside my head.

Apparently now Barn Buddy limits the amount of weeds and bugs you can place per stage per plant, which is ONCE. I started losing interest in playing when I found that out yesterday. ~le sigh~

Personally I thought weed-ing and bug-ing people was the fun part of the game. I find the sight of another’s farm covered with bugs and weeds hilarious, to be completely honest. 😀 Since Rob has spent a few bucks on this game I’m going to play until my BB credits run out and then I will stop. Like I said, it isn’t as fun anymore.

It’s their way of stopping people from going crazy bug-ing and weed-ing in order to acquire experience points and move up a level. Ummmm hello? What’s wrong with that? Isn’t that the whole point of the game? To move forward a level? It’s not like it’s cheating. I mean people really put in some effort to weed and bug people. I know Rob and I certainly do! We giggle like crazy every time we do it to each other.

I had a dream a couple nights ago about my wedding! I woke up half way and thought “I have to go back to sleep! I need to dream more about it!” but unfortunately I didn’t get to continue my dream.   :(   I almost forgot I had that dream until I suddenly remembered it later that day. I can’t remember the details now though, but I bet there was a lot of pink involved. Hehehe

Went to the Hilton for its 21st Anniversary BBQ buffet lunch by the poolside over the weekend and it wasn’t that good at all. People do get very rude when they are hungry. Because there were so many people, there wasn’t enough food for everyone so many of us had to wait in the buffet line for quite a while. There was a rude lady behind me who kept sighing really hard and mumbling complaints. I don’t care that she complained so much, I just didn’t appreciate having her breath on the back of my neck. Lady, do you know what personal space is???

The worst part was she left the line and came back about 10 minutes later and cut into the line again. She told the people behind me (who weren’t there when she left) that she was behind me before and cut in! I was tempted to say something but decided not to because knowing my luck she could be the person interviewing me for a job.

Speaking of rude people cutting into lines, when I was shopping at Watson’s the other day this girl decided to cut right in front of me at the cashier, apparently thinking that her conditioner was more important than everyone else’s purchase. The guy at the cashier looked at me and then her, and this girl just pushed her conditioner on the counter insinuating that he should check her out. Cashier guy looked at me as if wanting me to agree to it so I got very annoyed. I said “Everyone here is queueing up, isn’t that how it’s suppose to be?”. People looked over and girl became very self-conscious and said “Oh sorry sorry”. I said “No problem” and smiled, thinking in my head what a bitch she is. :P  Now, is it just me or is a cashier suppose to say something when people cut in a queue? 8-|

Went to Guardian a few nights ago and again I was faced with a rude bitch. I paid up and this cashier girl gave me a change of RM1.35 or something. My point is there was a RM1 note given to me and it was torn. I was surprised so in reaction I just said “Eh ini koyak lah” (This is torn) to the cashier and placed the RM1 note on the counter. Her facial expression turned more bitter and black than burnt toast (She already looked unfriendly in the first place). She then placed my bag of things on the counter rather hard and I judge this by the clank I heard. There was glass bottled deodrant in the bag by the way.

She didn’t say anything to me and continued checking out the next person. I thought fine I’ll let her finish and waited. This next person paid with a credit card so while waiting for the transaction to clear, this cashier just stood there and waited, instead of giving me another RM1 note. When she was finally done with that customer, she in all her glory pushed a few buttons on the cash register, rather “enthusiastically” I might say, as to show dissatisfaction.

Her colleague walked over enquiring what she was doing and at that moment she took another RM1 note from the cash register, gave it to her colleague and said “Nah bagi ngan nya” (There, give it to her). I was f*cking standing right in front of her. What? She thinks she’s too good to even hand me a RM1 note? If she thinks she’s too good for the job then quit! Go be a brain surgeon then or go save the thinning ozone layer or cure cancer then no one will bug her about a torn RM1 note. ^$%!%!#!#@# BITCH was so testing my patience. At one point I was tempted to throw the RM 1 in her face and tell her to f*ck off but didn’t. I know manners very well, thank you. I took my money, looked at her colleague who I think was a supervisor because  the difference in uniform and said “She is VERY rude”.  With a name like “Siti Shirley” (or as Rob said “Shitty Shirley =)) ) someone should really teach her some manners and common courtesy. BITCH.

I don’t know what is with me and meeting the series of rude people in the past week. Hoping for a better week ahead!

Hooked on Barn Buddy

July 7, 2009

I finally jumped in the band wagon of Barn Buddy, an application on FB. I have to say that I am totally hooked on it.

I am so hooked on it that I stay up later at night just so I can either steal other people’s crops or harvest mine so that other people can’t steal it. Yes I am sneaky like that. LOL

I also got Rob hooked on it. I keep bug-ing and weed-ing him and he does the same to me. =))


The other day we were talking about how to get more Barn Buddy credits to buy fertilizers and I found that you can actually purchase 4,000 credits for USD1 by PayPal or credit card.

Rob decided to buy us both 4,000 credits each. Lol


It was probably his weirdest USD1 spent on anything. I laughed my ass off at what he did but at the same time I realized just how addicted he is on Barn Buddy now, not to mention how proud he gets when he manages to steal plants from other people just before they harvest.  ;))


Within seconds after paying, I got my gift!



I starterd out the day with 2,400 credits and then I had 6,400 credits. 😀

Yesterday he surprised me with another 4,000 credits as I was complaining about how I have already spent half my credits and that I couldn’t justify buying the different fertilizers I wanted to make my plants grow faster. Thanks baby, for feeding my addiction! 😡

Facebook woes

June 9, 2009

The other day this (must be) ah beng  guy added me on Facebook (FB) and his profile picture was a really freaking ugly cartoon thing. So I messaged him and go “I’m sorry, do I know you?”. That’s what I always say to strangers who add me on FB or Friendster. Out of common courtesy I always check with them in case I forget I know them.

Anyway this bozo replied me in his all-glorious-English and said “ i know u know me or not leh…if dint know also can get know n any one just born out got friend n know anything ??”

Somehow that ticked me off and so I replied “no thanks. this is a personal account for people i know..if you are looking to make friends I suggest you be more polite. good luck in your quest.” And no reply until today. :smug:

I mean with a name like Le Ken Kent (sorry if he is your friend but he really needs to polish his socialising skills) pretending to be like what…French (?) (sorry again if I am too ignorant to identify that as a real Chinese name) does he introduces himself as “Bonjour ma cherie, my name iz Le Ken Kentttttt”?   8-| PUH LEEEEEEAASEEEEEEE.  

I’m sure everyone has encountered people like this. Yes I know I can choose to just ignore them but you know there are those moments in life where you just want to fight back. I don’t get it though, I always make sure to keep my profile as private as possible, all my pictures can only viewed by my friends and yet somehow I get these strangers adding me on FB. It bugs the crap outta me at times especially when they are rude.

It’s not like I go around adding random people because “I want to make new friends” on FB. I have nothing against people on FB wanting to make friends but I just don’t trust the sincerity of strangers online. They can say and be whatever they want. You can never be too safe right?

True, Rob and I met online but nobody knows that I didn’t use my real name with him until…a year or two later was it honey? Initially we were just kinda “hi, bye” people on mIRC then started messaging in private, became friends and about 2 years after that began our so-called flirting. And the rest, as people say, is history.

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